How do I market my book?

The book is finished. The cover is commission and is underway. I’ve sent out queries to three agents, but I’m a realist. They are awash with novels from first time hopefuls of every age group, genre and level of ability. The slush pile is feet deep and growing deeper every day. I think my chances of being plucked from obscurity is slim.

So, this puppy isn’t going to sell itself, but as a person who is at best an inexperienced marketeer, what is the best approach. I have Facebook and have started posting at least daily, (, I’m on twitter, but need to be more tweety than I am at the moment ( and I’m on tumblr, but don’t do anything with it other than my blog posts go there automatically ( I need to build my audience, attract more followers and generate interest so that when the book is ready to go on sale i will have a group who might be happy to spread the word.

Two things i will be doing to encourage people to read the book is firstly, prior to it’s launch, make the first chapter available on this blog for people to read and pique their interest. Secondly, the first week after it’s launch all downloads of the entire book will be free.

If you’ve any ideas of effective marketing strategies please leave a comment.

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The Dorset Kitchen



I’ve not had any time to write over the previous two weeks as the boss is opening a new business. We have been running an outside catering business for the last five years and a change was required. Not a complete revocation of the outside catering, more an adjunct to it.

The Dorset Kitchen is a cookery school with a twist. The school is principally aimed at children 8 years and over to show them how to cook outstanding food using local ingredients. The school opens on 14 July 2014 and will run daily over the course of the children’s summer holiday’s. After that, dependant upon the response over the summer, the boss will be running weekend cookery clubs for children and begin offering a small number of back to basics adult classes.

My role in this venture is website designer, Facebook and Twitter content developer and chief washer upper. As the first advertisements begin to appear the pressure to get the website live and kicking gets increasingly intense. The boss’s expectations vis a vis web design have completely outstripped my ability. What we end up with will be a combination of luck, flair and fortitude in adversity.  Or, pulling out of day dream land, whatever I can cobble together by tomorrow afternoon.

Hello world

Well here I am. Me, a blogger on WordPress! I am not a complete blog virgin as I have blogged extremely sporadically on Blogger over the last year, but that didn’t end well. I mean why? Why would you?

I have struggled to see the point of blogging. Who in god’s name is going to want to listen to me droning on about what I had for breakfast? Probably nobody. Then I read some blogs from other far more talented people and realised that people want to share their lives, loves, passions and pretty much everything else. Bloggers are a source of information, humour and pathos. They are image based, photographic, textual. They rant, ramble, require input and feedback from their readers, provoke discussion and evoke emotion.  They add value to peoples lives and give their authors an outlet. People from all walks of life, all social classes can and do have their say. All you need is access to the internet, a computer and passion.

Interesting. I have passion. I like the occasional rant, when an injustice is exposed or if somebody just pisses me off. I have interests, hobbies I could bore others to death with. Also, I suspect like many bloggers, I have stuff I want to share, that I can share through the anonymous outlet of a blog. Who’s going to know it’s me? Will anybody care?

I’m a writer. By that I mean I write. I am about to finish the first draft of a novel, my first, that has taken a while to write. Partly due to the constraints of work and family and partly, no, mostly due to self doubt. I have lost count of the times I have said a metaphorical ‘Bollocks!” and devoted my time instead to literally anything else. After a while a little voice starts asking questions in my head. “Could William (one of my main characters) do this or that? Why doesn’t Felicity (baddie) do this? Can ghosts fight or will they slide through each other without touching the sides? And bang, we’re back at the computer obsessing again.

What, I have decided, I need, is feedback. Informed input from people who know, or at least don’t know me and feel they have to be nice. Nice is great, but nice because someone thinks I’m writing something worthwhile and enjoyable, would be better. So as well as the ranting and rambling I want to put sections of my novel up for the blogosphere to read and critique. The feedback I get will influence the subsequent drafts. Please don’t just be nice, be honest, constructive and then nice.

Thank you.

Next blog posting will have the first section of the prologue. I look forward to discovering if I’m the only person who likes what I write