Black Friday

I sat open mouth, incredulous as I read of the behaviour of my fellow countrymen and women at Asda stores across the country. The reason: Black Friday. Black Friday is an American export where shops and businesses offer discounts on there products on the day after Thanksgiving. Asda, owned by American giant Walmart, are among a number of American companies in the UK that wanted to extend these offers to us Brits. The results were unbelievable.

I read of people being arrested because they couldn’t buy as many of an item as they wanted. A woman, who suffered a suspected broken arm when she was caught up in a stampede at an Asda store in Belfast and of a pregnant woman pushed aside in the scrum. Pensioners and disabled people were seen trampled underfoot as crowds surged into the store.

Are we as a nation so fixated on consumerism and so avaricious, that we are prepared to lose sight of everything else? How can we have sunk so low that we are prepared to behave in this way? Is the latest tablet computer, mobile telephone or any other electronic item worth injuring others; getting arrested for or worst of all, abandoning our dignity and self respect?

How, I wonder, would the people who unthinkingly behaved so callously to these vulnerable people feel if this had happened to there loved ones?

Gratifyingly, the pictures of Black Friday in America were of happy people, enthusiastically shopping and queuing to pay for there discounted goods. No scrums, no violence, no trampled, damaged people. I’m sure there were instances in America of stupidity and insensitive behaviour, but they weren’t the overwhelming message.

America has exported Black Friday and all of it’s benefits to Britain; next year, could they show us how to enjoy it graciously and in the spirit it is intended: the beginning of the true build up to Christmas.


I am a self confessed petrol head, but regrettably without the appropriate funds to follow my passion in true Top Gear style.
Last year we managed to afford a used Audi which was fantastic. Leather seats, comfort, style and a little something under bonnet that could make you really smile.

What we didn’t realise was they had a problem. Apparently there is a drain hole in the engine compartment which can sometimes block. You can’t see it to check it, so you’ve no idea when it blocks. When it blocks, the water that runs off roof and the windscreen has no where to go. So, the battery compartment fills up and then the water goes through the pollen filter and slowly fills up the car.

The car is then written off. Thanks Audi!!

We have decided to buy a BMW 530 this time as they don’t have rain inside. Thanks BMW!!

Hello world

Well here I am. Me, a blogger on WordPress! I am not a complete blog virgin as I have blogged extremely sporadically on Blogger over the last year, but that didn’t end well. I mean why? Why would you?

I have struggled to see the point of blogging. Who in god’s name is going to want to listen to me droning on about what I had for breakfast? Probably nobody. Then I read some blogs from other far more talented people and realised that people want to share their lives, loves, passions and pretty much everything else. Bloggers are a source of information, humour and pathos. They are image based, photographic, textual. They rant, ramble, require input and feedback from their readers, provoke discussion and evoke emotion. ¬†They add value to peoples lives and give their authors an outlet. People from all walks of life, all social classes can and do have their say. All you need is access to the internet, a computer and passion.

Interesting. I have passion. I like the occasional rant, when an injustice is exposed or if somebody just pisses me off. I have interests, hobbies I could bore others to death with. Also, I suspect like many bloggers, I have stuff I want to share, that I can share through the anonymous outlet of a blog. Who’s going to know it’s me? Will anybody care?

I’m a writer. By that I mean I write. I am about to finish the first draft of a novel, my first, that has taken a while to write. Partly due to the constraints of work and family and partly, no, mostly due to self doubt. I have lost count of the times I have said a metaphorical ‘Bollocks!” and devoted my time instead to literally anything else. After a while a little voice starts asking questions in my head. “Could William (one of my main characters) do this or that? Why doesn’t Felicity (baddie) do this? Can ghosts fight or will they slide through each other without touching the sides? And bang, we’re back at the computer obsessing again.

What, I have decided, I need, is feedback. Informed input from people who know, or at least don’t know me and feel they have to be nice. Nice is great, but nice because someone thinks I’m writing something worthwhile and enjoyable, would be better. So as well as the ranting and rambling I want to put sections of my novel up for the blogosphere to read and critique. The feedback I get will influence the subsequent drafts. Please don’t just be nice, be honest, constructive and then nice.

Thank you.

Next blog posting will have the first section of the prologue. I look forward to discovering if I’m the only person who likes what I write